Friday, August 7, 2009

To Market, to Market

Once upon a time in Hoboken you had two supermarket choices; the A&P on Clinton or the other A&P on Clinton (which is now CVS). Thankfully, those days gone and we have a wide variety of grocery stores to choose from. Wide to the point of unwieldy. In an effort to better understand the lay of the land, I have decided to put together a very biased, personal review of some of our local markets, their pros and cons, and what makes them stand out. As I begin this adventure, I'd like to ask for your feedback. Where do you do your local shopping and why? Comment below and join me on this adventure.


  1. Hi Julie, as you know, I hate grocery shopping, so the closer the better so I get it over with faster ... so often I head to the closest... A&P. It is obviously a plus that it is convenient, and one of the managers is extremely helpful. The downside is that the staff is pretty unfriendly (I hardly ever see a smile, often see them talking on their cell phones, and the other day I saw a deli person eat some meat without changing his gloves which I thought was a little off). I used to go to a Safeway in SF where people would approach you and ask if you needed help and always give a nice heartfelt hello... so I am definitely longing for those days when I walk into the A&P. But I must acknowledge the woman that works in the produce section who is very helful and sweet! So if it weren't for its closeness, I would probably shop elsewhere.
    Although shoprite doesnt have the greatest customer service either, at least it is big and not so crowded with a little bit better prices. Plus their produce section is much larger and fresher! Elisabeth

  2. Ok - here is my first blog posting. As a working mom of 3, I will gladly pay for convenience. As such, Freshdirect is my grocer of choice. I would give them a b+ for quality and improving. They now rate the quality of their fruits and vegetables, which begs the question, as to why they sell 'poor' and 'average' produce, but at least the buyer is forewarned.
    The selection is pretty good, especially for prepared and heat/eat foods - again pricey, but cheaper, healthier and quicker than ordering in.
    Morton Williams opened up in the Newport section of Jersey City, I have not been myself - but the reviews have been good, especially for prepared and ethnic foods.

  3. I do most of my shopping at Kings because it is so convenient- right downstairs!

  4. For big shopping, I love to stock up at Trader Joe's in Edgewater. I'm not really near the other supermarkets in Hoboken (A & P, King's, etc), but I love Sobsey's Produce. It's pricey, but they have the best fruit and veggies and let you have a taste while you shop - to me, it's worth it. They also have a good selection of breads from Marie's and Sullivan St. Bakery. The fish and meat are good quality too, but expensive. The owners are highly knowledgable and very friendly and it feels good to support a local business. I don't like Garden of Eden, but still go there sometimes anyway out of convenience (expensive and the quality's not always good), but they have everything.

    Julie, congrats on the new blog!

  5. I do my weekly shopping at ShopRite on Madison and 10th, because 1) I can park the car, 2) they have the shopping carts with the fire engines, police cars, etc. so it keeps Cole VERY occupied for the duration.
    Fruit, I purchase at Garden of Eden or the little Korean grocer on NW corner of 3rd and Washington, they have the best fruit and when they run specials it is priced well. Its also a block from my office.
    In a pinch, I will run to Fresh Fields by Shipyard, they are way too expensive, but very helpful.
    Rite Aid for milk, eggs and juice if we run out,they are open 24 hours and are a block away.