Monday, August 22, 2011

Images of Martha's Vineyard Farms

I ask you, is this not the most resplendent, ugliest tomato you have ever seen? Very tasty too :) I love the farmer's stands here on Martha's Vineyard, and I especially love finding beauty in the beasts.

Most of these were taken at Morning Glory Farm, one of my favorite haunts here on the island. To get there using my GPS, you need to go off road. See?

That was as good as it got all morning - my mud flaps were crud flaps by the time I plowed through. Did I mention it poured the night before? But that is dedication my friends, and all part of the adventure.

Once I arrived, I had to remind myself to take pictures as I was so distracted by the fabulous finds and mouth watering sites. Here are a few lovelies for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy every bite.

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